Practice Areas

Child Support

  • Attain a proper order of child support if you are the child’s custodial parent (the parent who the child resides with 51% of the time)
  • Ensure the child support you will pay is calculated fairly
  • Modify an existing order of support to increase or decrease the amount paid
  • Enforce an existing order of support that is not being paid as it is supposed to be
  • Obtain an order of spousal support if you and the opposing party are married
  • Navigate the complex bureaucracy of the NY State Child Support Collection Unit
  • Appeal an unfavorable decision from the court
  • Establish paternity if you are not married, and an acknowledgment of paternity has not been signed
  • Any other child or spousal support you may encounter in family court
Law Firm of Joseph H. Rotkowitz
Law Firm of Joseph H. Rotkowitz

Child Custody

  • Create an order of physical/residential custody to determine where your child(ren) will spend most of their time living
  • Create an order of legal custody to determine who will have final decision-making authority over major life decisions affecting your children (religious, medical, educational)
  • Ensure that both mothers and fathers are treated equally under the law
  • Protect grandparents’ rights
  • Strategic planning to maximize favorable results
  • Build a parenting (visitation) schedule to maximize your involvement in your child’s life
  • Ensuring that allegations of a parent’s alcohol or drug abuse, domestic violence or parental unfitness are properly dealt with
  • Fight for or against a parent’s request to relocate with a child out of the state of New York
  • Any other custody matter you may encounter in Family Court

Orders of Protection

  • Obtain an Order of Protection if you or your children’s safety is at risk
  • Defend against an Order of Protection obtained based on false or exaggerated allegations
  • Defend against an arrest made after a family court order of protection has alleged to have been violated
  • Enforcement
  • Any other order of protection matter you may encounter in Family Court
Law Firm of Joseph H. Rotkowitz
Law Firm of Joseph H. Rotkowitz

Divorce Cases

  • Obtain a divorce, annulment, or legal separation
  • Properly address child support, spousal support, and custody-related issues
  • Determine how property acquired before or after marriage will be dealt with
  • Determine whether or not your case is “contested” or “uncontested.”
  • Draft or review a pre/post-nuptial agreement
  • Any other divorce-related matter you may encounter

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